Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sorry it's been a while...

So, a lot has happened since I last blogged..but it's been a long time so I'd be surprised if it hadn't!

The biggest change is that our studios are being relocated around Easter 2018 due to redevelopment of our current buildings. It is very exciting and marks a new era for all involved.

In the meantime, I have Christmas Craft Fairs and 'The Last Show' to prepare for. For more information about 'The Last Show' visit

'The Last Show' is the final show to happen at Commercial Square Studios before our relocation. It will be the weekend of 11th/12th November from 1pm-5pm both days.

I also have some Christmas Fairs lined up (I am hoping to add to this list in the next week or so). My current shows are listed below.

19th November- West Wycombe Christmas Craft Market
25th-26th November- Peterley Manor Farm Christmas Market
9th-10th December Sally Evans Artist and Makers Fair at Bradmoor Farm

Keep an eye on my website for updates (

My work has developed into a more intuitive style of stitch when it come to larger pieces and I have focused more on people and portraits. My flower crown ladies came out of this development and have been produced as necklaces and hoop art, they are set to develop further in the future. I have plans brewing!

Take a look at my Etsy shop for some new products.

I think that's all for now so until next time...(I promise I won't leave it as long!)